Why AMS and DocuWare, Document Management for the Housing Management Sector?

Use AMS and DocuWare to:


We understand that Housing Associations are unique! For example, many organisations have found themselves growing through mergers and acquisitions and therefore have several different systems, sometimes very similar taking care of the same processes. With leaders and staff being under so much stress, it’s hard sometimes to step back and proactively instigate change to processes and systems that have maybe been in place longer than expected.

We understand some of the issues and knock-on affects you face

Maybe your organisation has a Housing Management system, Asset Management system, ERP, HR applications, network drives, and of course some SharePoint containing data and documents, (sometimes sensitive) alongside filing cabinets containing paper. With a mix of solutions and sometimes older basic Document Management solutions in place, it’s difficult to get the full functionality you need when dealing with documents, access and workflows.

To summarise some of the issues our Housing customers face:

  • Lost documents and version control issues
  • Access to information and documents. The right people at the right time, in the office or remotely
  • Missing crucial renewal dates for documentation, such as Gas Safety certificates, resulting in potential fines
  • Crucial and time sensitive repair claims sometimes getting lost in the process, resulting in the growing trend of compensation claims from disgruntled tenants
  • Finance workflows, such as Accounts Payable not being automated, meaning documentation, such as invoices, PO’s and delivery notes cannot be matched easily. This can result in late payments to crucial suppliers

Where can AMS and DocuWare help?

For 30 years AMS have been implementing solutions to help customers, secure, automate, capture, manage and share data and documents as part of specific processes. DocuWare, Document Management was one of the early adopters to the market in the late 1980’s and has been grown upon customer demand over the years.

At AMS, we’ll work with you to implement and support a DocuWare, Document Management system to help you tie all this together in terms of a secure document repository, automated workflow for typical housing sector and Finance processes and use DocuWare’s extensive functionality to enable office and remote workers to process information electronically and access documents with permission.

In summary, we can offer Housing Associations and the sector in general a solution, which provides:

  • A centralised document repository with access to documents in the office or remotely with strict but granular permissions, securing documents at all times.
  • Built in version control, to ensure everyone is processing the correct version of a specific document.
  • Extremely powerful search and retrieval functionality, with functions, such as ‘keyword search’ and searching into DocuWare from existing applications, documents and webpages. This will speed up the process when carrying out day to day tasks and answering enquiries from tenants, suppliers and colleagues
  • Full integration with other applications including Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Teams
  • Automated workflow for processes, such as Accounts Payable / Invoice Approval, Gas safety and EIC/EICR renewals and maintenance issues, eliminating bottlenecks in the process, reducing stress on staff and improving relationships with tenants, suppliers and colleagues
  • DocuWare’s capture technology will substantially reduce manual data entry, reducing the risk of human error and any fines that may occur from the issue
  • No more lost documents
  • No more missed renewal dates
  • No more lost or mishandled claims for damage or maintenance issues
  • Suppliers get paid on time
  • Full audit trail of every workflow process

Here are some key areas where we’ve helped similar organisations make a difference, reduce time wasted, reduce stress on staff and have improved the service delivered to tenants and key stakeholders.

Managing documents, certificates and due dates for compliance

Watch the 10 minutes demo below

  • Use DocuWare to save staff time, whilst capturing certificate dates and renewal dates
  • DocuWare will send notifications and create tasks for staff for the renewals
  • Saved search lists automatically created in DocuWare for certificates that need to be renewed within certain time frames
  • Automatic re-assignment or escalations within the workflow if the staff member is away or off sick, eliminating bottlenecks

Dealing with tenant requests, such as pets and damage reporting using DocuWare Forms

Watch the 10 minute demo below

  • Use the power of DocuWare webforms to improve engagement with tenants and contractors
  • Modernise the process whilst capturing requests from tenants or staff out on site
  • Trigger a workflow to ensure that the request or the report is dealt with via DocuWare, with a custom process that suits your department or organisation, eliminating bottlenecks, and reducing turnaround times
  • Tasks and lists are created for staff automatically, ensuring requests are tracked and actioned, resulting in better relationships and reducing the risk of fines
  • Automated re-assignment or escalation, eliminating delays
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