DocuWare Consultancy

AMS offer a wide range of consultancy services, ranging from implementing your new DocuWare Document Management system, lending a helping hand on an existing project, to onsite or remote training.

AMS Consultancy Services

We approach our consultancy services with the same proactive, positive and hands on way as we do with our support services. You can partner with AMS for consultancy services in many different ways. Perhaps you need a helping hand with an existing project or would just like to understand more about the process when implementing a new DocuWare system with us.

Below are some examples of our consultancy services and how we approach them with our customers.

Scoping / Configuration Development days

Scoping days are very important when implementing any system that introduces change to a process. This is also true of course when we’re implementing your new Document Management solution, DocuWare.

We work very closely with our customers to technically map out their process so both parties have a detailed agreed plan in writing for the initial implementation of DocuWare. Scoping days are charged at our standard consultancy rates but really do form the building blocks for a solid DocuWare implementation and roll out.

Scoping days can be carried out on site with the team or remotely over Microsoft Teams.

Configuration and system setup

The scoping day(s) will provide you as the customer and us as your DocuWare partner an accurate understanding of how much consultancy time is needed on configuration to deliver the solution you need.

Using our joint scoping day plan, we’ll start to configure the system while constantly liaising with you as the customer at different stages to ensure you’re happy with the progress and to ascertain whether the initial scope or DocuWare itself needs to be tweaked in any way.

We see the configuration and setup very much as a two-way process as we’re committed to ensuring that you and your team are comfortable and delighted with your DocuWare implementation.


With DocuWare there are really two elements of training, Administrator training and End User training. In many cases, we’re able to use the ‘train the trainer’ method with our customers but we’re lucky enough to have the skills in house to offer a wide range of DocuWare training consultancy.

We can carry out training on-site and over Microsoft Teams to individuals or departments depending on your preference and offer a range of Administrator and End User training with personalised training documentation to suit your needs.

DocuWare expansion and environment changes

If you find yourself wanting to roll out DocuWare into different departments, we’re here as your supporting DocuWare partner to lean on and consult with when needed.

We typically approach DocuWare expansions or environment changes in the same way as we do with a new requirement and technically scope out the change or expansion jointly with the customer to ensure our plan is implemented to the highest level.

We’ll be able to advise you of the most cost effective and technically efficient way of achieving your business, department, or process objectives.

For more information on our consultancy services, please give us a call on 01202 652070 Opt 2 or get in contact via the form here

Why choose us to be your Document Management Partner?

Technical Expertise

We’re not only experts in the DocuWare solution and business process improvement, but also have a software development team who have undertaken numerous development projects on behalf of our clients. This enables us to provide bespoke solutions and integration with your existing systems taking away any technical headaches you may have.

Excellent Support

We’re very proud of the reputation we have for providing excellent support. Our dedicated in-house support team are very responsive and experienced. Our extensive support services are provided in a number of ways to best suit your particular requirements including telephone, email, online, remote access and on-site visits.


We are a highly accessible organisation and when you pick up the phone to us someone will speak to you straight away. We like to get to know our customers and work closely with you to ensure you get maximum value from your DocuWare solution. We’re here for the long term not just for the initial implementation.


Our sales and technical consultants are highly experienced and fully qualified. We follow an effective and efficient process to understand the relevant business process, design and implement the solution to meet your needs.

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