Business Continuity from your Spare Room

Published on January 12, 2021

See why 500,000 users across 70 countries trust and use DocuWare every day.

Webinar Video – Remote Access made easy, ensuring Business Continuity from home

With the shift in our work environments to a more virtual remote set up, we are all facing up to the new reality and how to maintain business continuity.

An agile, digital business can thrive using the flexibility of mobile workers, and help embrace the anytime, anywhere, any-device working model.

For us to be productive and business to continue operating seamlessly, organisations have looked to technology to help them achieve this.

Check out our Remote Access Made Easy video below:

• Work effectively from any location
• Store documents quickly, easily and automatically from home without the use of a scanner
• Securely access your business-critical files from home
• Continue with your current processes with built-in workflow and electronic signatures
• Search and retrieve any document within a single click, from your PC or mobile

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