5.5 Tips on Working from Home by AMS Document Solutions

Published on April 2, 2020

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Yes…. Yes…. we’re all bored of the ‘C’ word, but the truth is that for most of us with 9 to 5’s, our working day has changed in the last 2-3 weeks.

While some of our brave friends and family that are considered key workers are dealing with this pandemic at the coal face, I write this blog with a sense of guilt from my warm, reasonably safe spare bedroom. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that it is important for our own businesses, pride and economy that we try and be as productive as possible during this time.

To avoid any sort of cabin fever and feeling sorry for ourselves, here is:

AMS’ 5.5 Tips on working from home.

1) Try to do some exercise before work

Assuming you’re not in self-isolation, exercise is a great way to clear your mind before work commences. Something as simple as a 10 minute walk around the block is the perfect way to get yourself in the right mindset to start work. For many of us working from home the chances are we would have had a commute, which naturally gives us time to settle before hitting the office.

Stepping straight from the shower to working without that time in between will probably mean you’re not as productive as you could be. Spending those 10 minutes will not only provide you with a physical benefit in the long term but a mental benefit for the day.

2) Get into a routine and keep things clean

If you were heading into the office regularly the chances are that you would have had some sort of routine. It’s important to keep this routine to stay productive. If you previously got up at 7, try and get up at 7. If you typically finish at 5.30, leave your home office desk at 5.30. You probably get the picture by now, but the more “normal” you can make your working day the more positive you’ll feel about this whole situation and the more productive you’ll be.

Having a clean and clear area to work from (if you’re anything like me) also gives you a clear head helping you to concentrate on being productive. The old saying of “tidy desk tidy mind” has never been so true.

3) Use your past commuting time productively

Many of us have a commute to and from work. In fact, according to an article posted by Sky News back in November 19 the average UK commuting time in 2019 was a staggering 59 minutes each way.

The question is: Could we use this time, that we would have spent commuting, in a better way?

A thought-provoking question perhaps –

Of course, we can spend more time with our family in our own household, but could we also try and develop ourselves. If you add that time up over the course of months or a year it gives you a real indication of what could be achieved. In my opinion, having time for self-development is a great way to try and see the silver lining in all of this.

4) Have real conversations

For many of us in sales and marketing trying to have conversations with people at the moment is quite difficult. Of course, we’re supported by digital marketing activities but in many B2B industries, actually speaking to someone is the best way of getting something done.

Even if you work in a back office or administrative role it’s important to try and have real conversations with real people on the phone or on a video call. When days go by with just email and instant messaging between you and your colleagues it can make you feel isolated. This isn’t great for your mood or mental state in general so why not try and have a conversation with your team members, a customer or supplier on a daily basis.

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5) Take regular screen breaks

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of sitting at the screen all day, perhaps we have a tight deadline on a big project we’re trying to undertake. However, it’s important to get regular screen breaks to actually increase our productivity and to ensure life just doesn’t get well….monotonous.

As you would do in the office, try and get up, stretch and move around. Taking these short 5-minute breaks every half an hour or so will help your ideas flow at a time when creativity is paramount.

5.5) Bonus Point – Try and always look for the positive

It’s important in all this that we try and keep our minds as well as our bodies as healthy as possible. Before Corona Virus and Brexit Mental Health was getting the publicity and focus it deserves. Try and keep inspirations at hand and maybe you could read books like… Jeffrey Gitomer’s LITTLE GOLD BOOK of YES! Attitude or Jeff Olson’s THE SLIGHT EDGE.

Keeping a positive mindset and looking for the silver lining will be great for your productivity but also and perhaps more importantly will be a great asset for you as a person.

Author: Chris Buller on behalf of AMS

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